Solar Sandy shares tips and tricks to maximize your solar panel use!

A lifetime of monetary benefits awaits when you choose solar energy. An average household in Arizona spends $80-$100k in energy cost, and that’s a conservative estimate. When the sun in Arizona’s Sonora Desert shines all year round, solar panel installations will quickly pay off and prove to be a lucrative choice. Learn more by reading, listening or watching our Ask Solar Sandy Tips & Tricks blog.

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Ask Solar Sandy Show — 03-19-22

Solar Sandy discusses current times, rising energy prices and other challenges associated with demands on the grid.

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Sandy Adopts Phoenix Dream City Foundation Cause

As heard on Sandy's January 20 radio show appearance, and in an ongoing effort, Ask Solar Sandy is raising awareness (and Donations!) for this amazing cause.

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Ask Solar Sandy Show — 11-06-21

Solar Sandy shares the latest Ask Solar Sandy offers/promotions and details about how these connect to recent tax advantages and home values.

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Solar Sandy's Interview on the Salem Network

Solar Sandy is interviewed by FaithTalk 1360's The FORM Show host Marc Lucas. Sandy discusses her story behind the story and how it has motivated her to help so many others not only with their solar configurations, but also with their lives.

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Should I invest in Alternative Energy

Residents deserve to capitalize off of their most abundant natural resource: the sun! While local utilities charge a monthly service fee for gas and electric heating and cooling, you could instead be saving thousands of dollars by switching to alternative solar energy.

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10 tips to use the power from your solar modules most effectively

Have a solar energy system? Learn how to take advantage of it by rethinking the way you consume energy.

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Choosing Solar Panels

Solar Sandy is the leading expert in choosing solar panels. Solar Sandy will evaluate and make recommendations specific to your household and your specific power needs to create your customized solar energy system.