About Solar Sandy

Solar Sandy’s Commitment to Helping You Save With Solar

I’m not a solar sales company. I’m a mother, grandmother, and retired nurse with a passion for helping people.

In 2014 my daughter called me, asking me to help her pay her power bill. I’d had a serious accident and was on Social Security disability so funds were tight, and as much as I wanted to help her, I wasn’t able to afford her bill of over $500.00. As you can imagine, this felt awful, as your power bill is one that must be paid no matter how expensive it is.

I rolled up my sleeves and started researching ways to reduce power bills. There’s super cooling and LED lights, but neither of those were going to be able to lower her power bill in any significant way. That’s when I came across solar as a solution.

Like most people, I knew very little about solar power or solar panels – such as the cost, how it works, and how much money it saves. Once I realized the savings were phenomenal with zero upfront costs, I knew I had found the solution for my daughter.

Our process began by calling a couple solar installation companies, and as nice as they were, they were unable to answer my questions as thoroughly as I needed. This was my daughter’s home and where my grandchildren would grow up. I had to be certain that I was doing the right thing for them and that I understood solar power and solar panels as best as possible.

So I dove back into research to search for more answers. I learned about everything from panel types, manufacturers, inverters, and how many variables go into producing your own power. I then created what is now called the Kilowatt Worksheet to be certain my daughter had all the power she needed and a little more.

Now, my daughter’s power bills are incredibly lower and she never has to worry about keeping her power on again. I decided to take the knowledge and lessons this experience provided and use it to help others. My mission is to educate and help you PYOP (Produce Your Own Power) and gain maximum benefits and savings on a bill you already spend too much on.


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