“My home is creating energy. What’s yours doing?”


Solar Sandy: Not a solar company or a solar panel manufacturer!

Solar Sandy got her start in a rather surprising way. Many years ago, Sandy's daughter called her asking for help in paying her power bill of almost $600! The bill, like for everyone, had to be paid or it was lights out. But Sandy wasn't about to just write a check. She knew that for her daughter to become independent, she'd have to figure something else out.

Sandy rolled up her sleeves and started researching on how to lower power bills. She found what we all find... recommendations to change to LED lighting, sealing windows and getting high-efficiency HVAC units. Those ideas weren't going to bring down her daughter's energy bill to the point she could afford it every month. So she kept digging.

What she discovered was the power of solar energy. But there was a hitch. The companies that Sandy lined up for her daughter to consult had little clue as to what really worked and were simply out there selling packages using low-tier solar panels and high-cost inverters.

The birth of OYP: Own Your Power!

With further research on solar panel types/tiers, panel configuration and inverters, Sandy created a proprietary kilowatt worksheet and resulting configuration to provide sufficient power to her daughter's home. The installation was so successful, her daughter's neighbors began to request Sandy consult on their homes as well. She became... Solar Sandy!

With further refinement including understanding tax credits, power company rebates and more, the Solar Sandy company was born. Located in Phoenix, the Solar Sandy team has help thousands of homeowners not only Own Their Power, but also get rebates from the power companies at the end of each year! While there's no guarantee that will happen in every circumstance, imagine not only receiving $0 energy bills from the power companies each month, but getting a check at the end of the year for the power your home put BACK into the grid! Now you see why we help you Own Your Power!

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No cost, no obligation.

Using Solar Sandy’s simple kilowatt worksheet and several critical data points, we  provide a custom quote and install your solar system specific to your home and energy needs.

Solar Panel Proposal


Using our proprietary process.

Solar Sandy’s exclusive E-calc Energy Production Calculator, along with the tax credits and consumer incentives in your geographic region, allows us to precisely identify the exact panel configuration that’s right for your home.

Solar Panel ROI


Electricity production vs. usage.

Once we’ve determined the configuration to deliver optimum kilowatt production, and your solar system has been installed, we will suggest the best rate plan to get the best out of your system, monitor your power bills for a year to track your progress, and help gauge your savings. Plus, you can track the power you are producing through our online monitoring software.

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Solar Sandy is different. VERY DIFFERENT.

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Solar Sandy lives to help others improve their lives. Homeowners are struggling to pay electric and heating bills, when so many other financial pressures are piling up. That’s why she’s doing this. All you have to do is listen to her show or watch her videos to know you’re dealing with someone special.

This isn’t a job or a business.
It’s a cause … a crusade!

Solar Energy Savings



Solar Sandy has been helping homeowners save money by producing their own power and selling their excess kilowatts.

Go solar to own your energy!

Solar Power Configuration



Solar Sandy is the sole industry expert in energy transformation. She invented a proprietary process that always customizes every aspect of the program and process. This is not a one-size-fits-all system design. Solar Sandy and her team go the extra mile to ensure you achieve the maximum savings and benefits of going solar.

You can do better … with Solar Sandy!

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