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"My solar inverter allows me to own my power. What's yours doing?"

Solar Energy for Homes

Choose wisely.
Your solar inverter is central command.

Like solar panels, there are hundreds of options for solar inverters. Solar inverter costs vary significantly, and what you don't know can cost you. Solar Sandy chooses the solar inverter for your custom-configured solar energy system based on how it can properly regulate power usage, including how it delivers electricity back into the grid. Solar Sandy can help you OWN YOUR POWER and it's critical that the right solar inverter is installed.

Like the selection of the right solar panels, Solar Sandy will show all the options and detail every component necessary so you can OWN YOUR POWER!

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ENERGY INDEPENDENCE is only 3 easy steps away.

Never pay another energy bill and create a renewable financial resource by creating the ultimate in renewable energy. Instead of writing checks every month, you’ll potentially get a check back from the power company depending on your power company policy, rate plan, power usage and recommended system size.

Read homeowner testimonials from those whose lives have been forever changed by Solar Sandy!

Solar Panel Free Quote


No cost, no obligation.

Using Solar Sandy’s simple kilowatt worksheet and several critical data points, we  provide a custom quote and install your solar system specific to your home and energy needs.

Solar Panel Proposal


Using our proprietary process.

Solar Sandy’s exclusive E-calc Energy Production Calculator, along with the tax credits and consumer incentives in your geographic region, allows us to precisely identify the exact panel configuration that’s right for your home.

Solar Panel ROI


Electricity production vs. usage.

Once we’ve determined the configuration to deliver optimum kilowatt production, and your solar system has been installed, we will suggest the best rate plan to get the best out of your system, monitor your power bills for a year to track your progress, and help gauge your savings. Plus, you can track the power you are producing through our online monitoring software.

Solar Sandy Solar Panel Expert - Own Your Power Logo

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Solar Sandy Solar Panel Expert - Own Your Power Logo

Solar Sandy is different. VERY DIFFERENT.

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Solar Sandy lives to help others improve their lives. Homeowners are struggling to pay electric and heating bills, when so many other financial pressures are piling up. That’s why she’s doing this. All you have to do is listen to her show or watch her videos to know you’re dealing with someone special.

This isn’t a job or a business.
It’s a cause … a crusade!

Solar Energy Savings



Solar Sandy has been helping homeowners save money by producing their own power and selling their excess kilowatts.

Go solar to own your energy!

Solar Power Configuration



Solar Sandy is the sole industry expert in energy transformation. She invented a proprietary process that always customizes every aspect of the program and process. This is not a one-size-fits-all system design. Solar Sandy and her team go the extra mile to ensure you achieve the maximum savings and benefits of going solar.

You can do better … with Solar Sandy!

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