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A solar system can generate electricity silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar panels generating DC electricity. That DC electricity is then converted into household 120/240V AC electricity by the inverters. The AC electricity is next fed into your electric meter and circuit breaker panel. The electricity either goes to your appliances and lights, or to the grid, or some to each. This all happens silently and automatically every day. Enough sunlight falls on the earth in one hour to power every electrical device on our planet for an entire year! It’s easy to tap into the power of the sun using safe, reliable and affordable solar systems. Solar System Scottsdale

What happens when the sun isn’t shining?

At night and during cloudy weather, the solar system’s output is reduced or stopped, and your home will get electricity directly from the utility grid. You’re always connected to the grid, so you can have as much power as you need, anytime you need it, regardless of whether the solar system is able to put out any power.

What if my panels produce more energy than my home needs?

When the sun is shining, the power produced goes to reducing your usage at the time, or, if there is excess, to spinning the meter backwards, counting down your electric use and bill. You will enter into a “net-metering” agreement with your utility that allows this to happen seamlessly. Some months you may find your system generates more power than you use. This is fine; the utility looks at how much electricity you generate over a one-year period and will credit you during a month you produce more than you use.Solar System Scottsdale, AX

What happens during a power outage?

One common misconception is that a solar system will work during a blackout. This is not true. Your inverter needs power to convert the DC electricity to AC electricity, therefore your system will still produce electricity, but unable to be converted to be utilized by your home. On the other hand, the Smart Energy Manager has the components to not be affected due to power outages. When power is restored, your system will restart and provide power automatically.

Factors to help determine whether your home is a good site to take advantage of solar energy

Do you have a roof that faces from southeast through southwest?

We do not recommend putting panels on a northern facing roof, but all other roof sides can generate the power that your home requires.

Is this roof mostly unshaded by trees?

If not, can you trim or remove these? Shading by trees is the single biggest factor in deciding if your site will work for solar energy. We complete a shade study, to determine the efficiency of the panels.

What is the condition of your roof?

Roofs older than 15 years need a roof inspection to evaluate the condition of the roof, prior to solar.

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