Solar Panels

Difference in Solar Panels

Solar Panel ScottsdaleSolar Sandy has become a leading expert in recommendations for solar panels that are suited for the Arizona temperatures (Different panels produce differently in different temperatures). Things to also consider:

  • Panel Ratings
  • Panel efficiency
  • Panel Warranties

Solar Sandy will evaluate and make recommendations specific to your household & your specific power needs to create your customized solar system.

Solar Panel Cost Benefits Are Clear

A lifetime of monetary benefits awaits when you choose solar energy. An average household in Arizona, spends $80-$100k in energy cost, and that’s conservative. It’s that simple! When the sun in Arizona’s Sonora Desert shines all year round, solar panel installations will quickly pay off and prove to be a lucrative choice. For more answers to your solar energy questions, visit our FAQ page and “Ask” Solar Sandy, the expert..

Plus, in keeping up with the skyrocketing demand for residential solar panel systems, Arizona and the Federal government have both created tax incentives for homeowners who produce their own power with solar. Some solar tax credits for residential property owners include:

  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
  • Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption
  • Solar Investment Tax Credit

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