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Solar Panel Installation that’s Suited to Your Home

Solar Panels GlendaleChances are you’ve been using gas or electric to power your home ever since you could pay your first utility bill, but when you live in the Valley of the Sun, solar power is an abundant resource you can harness to save significantly on energy costs. Rooftop solar panels allow Glendale residents to unlock the expansive energy of the sun to make their home’s energy more sustainable and affordable.

No one should commit to solar energy without first carefully weighing the cost and benefits, however. That’s where Solar Sandy’s services come in. As a solar panel consultant and solar energy equipment supplier, we use our expertise to show you a path to saving money on your APS or SRP bill. We’ll outline the best solar panel installation options to suit your Glendale home for years to come.

Clear Cost Benefits of Solar Panels

On average, an Arizona household can spend up to six figures in energy costs, but with solar energy, you’ll quickly start to see the lifetime of monetary benefits for your home. It’s that simple! When the sun in Arizona’s Sonora Desert shines all year round, solar panel installations will quickly pay off and prove to be a lucrative choice. For more answers to your burning solar energy questions, visit our FAQ section.

Plus, in keeping up with the skyrocketing demand for residential solar panel systems, Arizona and the Federal government have both created tax incentives for homeowners who produce their own power with solar. Some of the best deals and solar tax credits for residential property owners include:

  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
  • Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption
  • Solar Investment Tax Credit

Go Solar With Panel Installation for Your Home with Solar Panel Installation for Your Home

Solar Sandy is here to help you understand the full scope of a solar system’s effect on your home and the environment. We’ll help you understand how to get the most energy savings out of the best solar panels for your own home’s roof. You’ll be able to draw on our extensive experience to fully comprehend how your new solar panels work and what they will need for longevity and efficiency.
Expert Solar Systems for Glendale

Fill Out Our Kilowatt Worksheet to see if Solar Power are Right for Your Home’s Energy

Simply provide the following information to get started with Solar Sandy’s expert consultation for your homes new solar-powered energy solution.

  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • The name of your power company (APS or SRP)
  • Your Rated Plan
  • Up to a year’s worth of recent energy bill statements

About Solar Sandy

Solar Sandy is a Solar Power Consultant who exists to help you save money on your energy bills while introducing a way to self-sufficiently Produce Your Own Power (PYOP). We’re here to help you maximize your savings for you and your family without sacrificing your energy usage.

Take it from Solar Sandy: The power of the sun can change your life! We’re happy to walk you through the process every step of the way.