Solar Panel Cost

Cost Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Panel Cost ScottsdaleWhen it comes to residential solar power in AZ its the perfect place for homeowners to start saving on their energy bills. It’s no secret that Scottsdale and surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun receive year-round sunlight. With the right solar panel system, all of that potential energy from the Sonora sun can be used to power your home electronics and more.

What is the solar panel cost Scottsdale residents can expect? There are a few key factors that come into play:

  • How many solar panels you need to cover your bill?
  • What tax breaks are you eligible for?
  • How long is the payback period going to be?

Need answers to these questions without the confusing online calculators? That’s Solar Sandy’s expertise. She answers all of your questions about solar panel benefits and installation. Plus, by filling out our Kilowatt worksheet, we break down all the ways you can save money in the short- and long-term by choosing solar power. When you fill out a Kilowatt Worksheet, Solar Sandy will walk you through your energy bill to pinpoint exactly where you could be saving.

Don’t rely on web calculators to help you decide. Ask Solar Sandy for a free consultation and cost-benefit analysis.

Solar Panel Cost Scottsdale

The Cost-Benefits of Solar Power

To reduce your energy costs, you might be switching off unnecessary lights and turning down your AC. While important efforts in energy conservation, these actions may have little effect on your energy bills.

Solar Sandy’s Solution For APS or SRP Customers

If you’re an Arizona resident, you probably rely on APS or SRP to power your home. These electric companies care not only about how much you use, but when you use it. Many electric companies charge their customers according to “Time-of-Demand Rates.” These rates charge more for electric use during on-peak periods, those times of day when the electric company is being asked to supply the most energy. Consequently, when your household’s peak electric demand increases, due most often to several appliances and temperature control units operating at one time, your electric cost significantly increase!

Solar Sandy can help you work around these rates to your advantage and protect yourself against increasing cost. If you manage your load during on-peak times and shift some of your use from on-peak to off-peak periods, you could lower your electric cost without having to change your overall electric use.

How can you control your electric demand without having to personally look out for what appliances are being used and when?

Invest in a Smart Energy Management System. A state if the art demand controller that saves you money by monitoring your electric demand and keeping that demand below a limit you set.