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Sollar Installation Scottsdale
Part of our mission at Ask Solar Sandy consists of helping you install the most efficient and cost-effective solar system for your residential space. We not only help you determine if solar is the right fit for your roof and home as a whole, but we also strive to make your installation process as stress-free as possible.

Scottsdale and surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun receive year-round sunlight, and with the right solar panel system, all of that potential energy from the Sonora sun can be used to power your home electronics and more. As a solar panel consultant and solar energy equipment supplier, we use our expertise to show you a path to saving money on your APS or SRP bill. We’ll outline the best solar panel installation options for your Scottsdale home, and we’ll get the best possible solar system installed on your roof with precision. You’ll enjoy your new solar energy for years to come!

Is Your Home a Good Sight to Take Advantage of Solar Energy? Ask These Questions:

Do you have a roof that faces from southeast through southwest?

Although we can put solar panel systems on an east or west facing roof, it will not generate as much energy.

Is this roof mostly unshaded by trees?

If not, make sure that you can regularly trim trees or even remove certain growth  Shading by trees is the single biggest factor in deciding if your site will work for solar energy.

Is the roof new or in very good shape?

Any system we supply you with will last for 25 years or more if maintained properly, so it’s important that we install the system on a roof that won’t need to be replaced or repaired after having a solar panel placed on it. This is especially important to consider when weighing the costs of solar installation.

The Benefits of Your New Solar Installation

While it’s hard to make that first step toward Producing Your Own Power (PYOP), Solar Sandy will walk you through the many ways in which solar systems create long-term savings. This is especially great during the summer months, since our smart energy management system can keep your home 6 degrees cooler at no additional cost.

Reduce Your Utility Bill with Solar

By choosing solar energy to power your home, you’re taking your energy into your own hands. You can expect a reduction of your energy costs by up to 65%.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes with solar pre-installed have the potential to sell for more money than homes that have the regular electric installation. The result is a home value can increase $5800 for every (kw) installed.

No More Rising Energy Rates

Consistently rising electricity rates are a great incentive for using an alternative energy that’s directly under your control. You’ll be able to wrangle your bills by managing your own power.

Home Solar System Scottsdale, AZ

Fill Out a Kilowatt Worksheet to Get The Perfect Solar Installation!

By putting in your information, we assess the costs of your energy bill and come up with a strategy for reducing your monthly expenditures. Our goal is to help you set up a home solar system that will save you money over a lifetime. Installing residential solar panels start with Solar Sandy!

To begin your consultation with Solar Sandy, fill out your information into the Kilowatt Worksheet.