Solar Sandy’s Mission

My mission is to help you save money on a bill you already spend money on & help you (PYOP) Produce Your Own Power!

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me introduce myself. I’m Solar Sandy but in fact, I’m just a mom and a grandma who a little over four years ago when my daughter called needing help with her power bill, I was not in The position to help her pay it. Due to a serious accident I’d had, I was on Social Security disability, and so financially I did not have the resources or the ability to help her pay her power bill. Now her power bill was over $500 at that time and I was shocked. She has a little tiny house, and it wasn’t that she was using a lot of power, it was 47 cents Per kilowatt plus all the fees taxes and surcharges that the electric companies charge all of us when we buy their power.So like any mom and grandma does I rolled my sleeves up to find a solution to lower Chelsa’s power bills! LED lights were not going to cut it, so I then came to Solar and like you I knew nothing about it didn’t know how much it cost didn’t know how it worked, But it was looked like the most viable option, so we continued to look at this solution.

At the time I was not living in Hawaii and I was helping her do this long distance, so she had 2 maybe 3 companies come out, but we both were very unhappy with the way they answered questions or actually how they didn’t answer the questions. So I continued reading and researched every question and I answered them all to Chelsa’s and my satisfaction. This was going to be her power source for the next 25 years or longer and I wanted to make sure for her that we were making the right decision.

I created the kilowatt worksheet on a yellow pad of paper for her and figured out if she was buying the least amount of power from electric company, producing her own and paying less for it, This was definitely a very wise choice, because she would always need to buy power and apparently the electric companies know this fact too! Thus the Reason the power cost never goes down, they only continue to go up up up up! The reason I have earned the title of energy expert is that I not only understand Solar but the most important part of the equation is understanding the power company. My families (you) go over with me their (APS) & (SRP) rate plans and how they work with or without Solar. If you do not understand this very important part you can still end up having a very high power bill, and that is why a lot of Solar Salespeople miss the mark when they do not understand it themselves, therefore the wrong system sizes, undersized system and all kinds of errors will result in the homeowner not receiving the maximum savings and benefits by going solar.

My commitment to you is to treat you just the same as I did my own daughter to make sure that I have every detail and every bit of information needed And giving you the maximum savings and benefits for your home and family by producing your own power (PYOP).