Home Solar System

Home Solar System

Home Solar System Scottsdale, AZArizona, has a wealth of one particular natural resource: solar energy. It should come as no surprise that the Valley of the Sun is one of the best places in the country for setting up home solar systems in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and elsewhere.

Despite the availability of year-round sunlight, most Scottsdale residents still choose to stay on the power grid using conventional energy sources like natural gas and electricity in order to heat, cool, and light up their homes. But did you know that all this time, you could be saving money month after month in energy costs by switching to solar?

Ask Solar Sandy: Home Solar System Consultant

Solar Sandy is an energy consultant who wants to help you reduce your energy costs by switching to solar energy.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Home Solar System

While it’s hard to make that first step toward Producing Your Own Power (PYOP), Solar Sandy will walk you through the many ways in which solar systems create long-term savings. And money saved is money earned! This is especially great during the summer months, since our smart energy management system can keep your home 6 degrees cooler at no additional cost.

Reduce Your Utility Bill

By choosing solar energy to power your home, you’re taking your energy into your own hands by Producing Your Own Power. You can expect a reduction of your energy costs by up to 65%. In other words, you’ll pay less than you normally pay now for the long term.

Increase Your House Value

According to statistics, homes with solar pre-installed sells faster and for more money than homes that have the regular electric installation. The result is a home value can increase $5800 for every (kw) installed.

No More Rising Energy Rates

With electricity prices headed in an upward trajectory each year. There is no end in sight to how high it’s going to get in the coming years. Hence having your own power and bills under your control is the best future-proof against rising rates.

Fill Out a Kilowatt Worksheet and Get Started Today!

Home Solar System Scottsdale, AZTo begin your consultation with Solar Sandy, fill out your information into the Kilowatt Worksheet. By putting in your information, we assess the costs of your energy bill and come up with a strategy for reducing your monthly expenditures. Our goal is to help you set up a home solar system that will save you money over a lifetime. Installing residential solar panels start with Solar Sandy!