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The average Arizona household spends up to $100,000 in energy

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We’re solar power experts with extensive knowledge for your energy saving needs.  When you hire us for solar energy consulting, our professionals help you unlock the full money-saving potential of sustainable energy for your home. With our services, you’ll get maximum savings and benefits from your residential solar system. Sustainable, environment-friendly energy like solar can change your life, and we’re happy to walk you through every step of the planning process for a long-term home installation. For the latest news, legislature, and information about all things solar, visit our Solar Blog!

When it comes to energy resources, Scottsdale, Arizona has an abundance of year-round sunlight. The Valley of the Sun along is an especially perfect place to harness the value of solar power. What better way to take advantage of this powerful and limitless resource than to equip your home with cost-effective solar panels in our Sonora desert climate?

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Use Our Kilowatt Worksheets and Save Big on Your Energy Bill

Did you know: The average Arizona household spends up to $100,000 in energy costs over a 25 year span? By filling out and submitting our kilowatt worksheet, Solar Sandy will show you how to cut your energy bill by up to 50%. Simply provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • The name of your power company (APS or SRP)
  • Your Rated Plan
  • Your APS/SRP Username and Password
  • Up to a year’s worth of recent energy bill statements
Solar Consultant Scottsdale

The Benefits of Choosing Solar Energy

Trading for solar power saves residents money, benefits the the environment, and provides a practical and sustainable source of energy for your home. Once you see the financial analysis on paper, it’s easy to understand the long term fiscal advantages of installing an energy system that comes directly from the roof of your own home and that exhibits no power loss.

Save Money with Our in-depth financial breakdown – Schedule a meeting with Solar Sandy, and we’ll walk you through an entire financial plan for your solar installation. Our thorough breakdown of financing options, cost-benefit analysis, and future savings projections for a year by year plan will show you the full frugality of installing such a sustainable system.

Produce Your Own Sustainable Power – Switching from an normal electrical system to a solar one will put your home on a pollution-free energy system. This completely green power source not only benefits the environment but it benefits your home by providing a reliable energy source that’s directly under your control. You’ll be part of a rising trend as more and more Americans leave natural gas energy for the sun’s limitless and clean power.

Yes, You Can Afford Solar Power!

With the abundance of sun in Arizona’s Sonora Desert, switching to solar power can be a thrifty choice. The demand for solar power has increased so much in recent years that Arizona and the Federal government alike have created tax incentives for solar panel owners. Here are some of the best solar tax credits for residential property owners:

Produce Your Own Power

Switching to clean power from solar energy will not only reduce your carbon footprint, it will put the power back in your hands. You’ll be part of a rising trend as more and more Americans leave natural gas energy for the sun’s limitless and clean power.

Solar Energy Consulting Scottsdale

Want the latest updates about the solar industry? Check out Solar Sandy’s Solar Blog!

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Reduce Your Power Bill

Using solar energy reduces your power bill by up to 65%, and with our smart energy management system, your house will become 6 degrees cooler.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes with pre-installed solar power sell faster and for more money than homes with a regular electric installations. A home value can potentially increase $5800 for every (kw) of solar power installed.

Protect Against Rising Rates

Electricity prices are exponentially increasing from year to year. Having control of your own power source and power bills is a fantastic shield against rising rates.

My mission is to help you save money on a bill you already spend money on & help you (PYOP) Produce Your Own Power!


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