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Why is my Power Bill So High

Posted on by Ask Solar Sandy

High Energy Bill At some point in time, you’ve probably experienced the shock of opening your monthly electricity bill in the mail and seeing a billing amount that is higher than you expect. It’s a common part of home ownership, and one that you can hear homeowners lamenting as electricity rates increase – “Why is […]

How Can I lower My Electric Bill?

Posted on by Ask Solar Sandy

Heating And Cooling Electricity costs have been on the rise and the average homeowner can do several things to combat the costs of energy in their home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can lower your electric bill. Home heating and cooling are 10 of the biggest culprits behind hefty utility […]

The Power of Giving

Posted on by Ask Solar Sandy

Giving is Powerful The holiday season is the season of giving, and that’s exactly what Solar Sandy is here to do. The power of going solar has helped countless families, including that of Sandy’s very own daughter. Solar Sandy is a mom, grandmother, and a retired nurse – she understands how vital a helping and […]


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