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Do You Need An Alternative Energy Consultant? Ask Solar Sandy!

Alternative Energy Consultant Scottsdale, AZResidents deserve to capitalize off of their most abundant natural resource: the sun! While local utilities charge a monthly service fee for gas and electric heating and cooling, you could instead be saving thousands of dollars by switching to alternative solar energy. Solar Sandy, an alternative energy consultant in Scottsdale, helps residents find the best solutions for cutting utility cost and switching to solar power.

Scottsdale Residents: Why Choosing Alternative Energy Is Your Best Option

1. Scottsdale, Arizona, is abundant with potential solar energy.

This city gets on average 300 sunny days a year, making it ideal for alternative energy.

2. Alternative Energy lets you Produce Your Own Power

Solar power takes the power away from gas and electrical utility companies, and places that power in your hands.

3. Alternative Energy Protects You Against Rising Rates

With electricity prices headed in an upward trajectory each year, there is no end in sight to how high prices will get in the coming years.

How Do I Switch to Alternative Energy?

It starts with filling out our Kilowatt Worksheet. Once you fill out the information about your monthly power bill, Solar Sandy will meet with you personally to go over the cost benefits of switching to solar power.

Who is Solar Sandy

Solar Sandy is an alternative energy consultant based in Scottsdale, Arizona and a solar energy equipment supplier. Our business shows clients how to save money on APS or SRP bills after switching to alternative energy. Alternative Energy Consultant Scottsdale, AZ

The Cost Benefits Are Clear

What do you get when you switch to alternative energy: a lifetime of savings and energy independence. On average, an Arizona household can spend over a lifetime up to six figures in energy costs.
When the sun in Arizona’s Sonora Desert shines all year round, solar panel installations will quickly pay off and prove to be a lucrative choice. For more answers to your burning solar energy questions, visit our FAQ section. Check out the tax credits and financial incentives for residential property owners:

Ask Solar Sandy About Scottsdale Solar Panels for Your Home

Fill Out Our Kilowatt Worksheet

  • Provide your name, address, and contact information
  • Provide the name of your power company (APS or SRP)
  • Your Current Rated Plan
  • One year’s worth of energy bill statements

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The power of the sun can change your life! We’re happy to walk you through the process every step of the way. Simply fill out a Kilowatt worksheet, and we’ll get you started today.

For the latest news, legislature, and information about all things solar visit our Solar Blog!