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Introduction to a Solar Sandy Testimonial

Solar Sandy – So Danny and Rosemary, thank you again for having me. And I just wanted you to share a little bit about, you heard me on the radio and you had me come over and, just explain to share with others. What made you decide to produce your own power and allow me to help you, with the benefits of solar?

Benefits of Solar Sandy and the Federal Tax Credit

Danny – Well, we had looked into it a couple of years ago, and the company that we had talked with actually had recommended a lease rather than a purchase. And that didn’t make any sense to us. I also knew that the 30% tax credit was going to run out at the end of last year. So we contacted you before that happened in hopes of getting a full tax credit, if that’s what we wanted to do. And we did. And we got the full tax credit and we got a lot of money back from the government in taxes, which we’re going to use to pay for this thing. 

Living More Comfortably, $0 APS Bills, and Earning Money From APS for Going Solar!

Solar Sandy – Exactly. And so now Rosemary, you’re living more comfortably but remember when I sat down with you, and… you said, “This kind of sounds too good to be true.” Because I promised that you weren’t ever going to pay APS again, and you’re going to have a $0.00 bill every month and a credit, and you were like, “This just sounds too good to be true!” and what’s come to happen? 

Rosemary – And it is true. It is absolutely true. Ever since the switch went over to Solar, we’ve just been reaping in the money. 

Solar Sandy – Oh, I’m super excited! But what’s your credit at today? (and it’s almost the end of May, but…) 

Danny – It’s over $500. It’s like $509 or $515 or something like that. 

Solar Sandy – And How comfortable have you been living in your house? Because I know it’s been a hotter April and May. 

Rosemary – I keep the thermostat at 73 and don’t touch it and it’s just been wonderful. 

Solar Sandy – Oh my gosh. I’m super excited. Based on our math calculations, Danny and Rosemary, we’re thinking you’re going to get at least $1000, probably closer to $1200 or more back at the end of this year. How excited is that making you?

Rosemary – Oh that’s…. 

Danny – She’s already spent it. 

The Reason Solar Sandy is the Best Solar Company in Arizona

Solar Sandy – So if you were talking to neighbors or friends or just, you know, – This is going to be shared on my website and maybe even on a few of my radio shows – What was the most important thing, that you would tell people, about your experience with me and the accuracy of what I’ve explained to you and the outcome? 

Danny – I would say that everything you promised has come to be. Anytime, you make any kind of a big purchase or a big investment, you’re hoping that it works out the way it’s supposed to, and so far it has.

Rosemary – Yeah. It’s like it is too good to be true.

The Solar Sandy Formula Works for Everyone in Arizona

Solar Sandy – But would you… Now, you know everything is true and accurate and a fact, would you have any hesitation of telling people? This absolutely makes sense because it’s electricity that you’re going to rent from APS. It’s going to continue to increase. And now you’ve actually invested in your own power plant on your own roof. The government’s paying for part of it. Now APS is paying for part of it. Now they’re paying YOU for part of it. I mean, it’s…. it’s pretty simple. 

Danny – I wouldn’t have any problems about talking to other people, in fact, I just did yesterday as a matter of fact. 

Solar Sandy Testimonial Comes to a Close

Solar Sandy – Thank you Danny, Thank you Rosemary. I’m super excited. I can hardly wait to see a cool super comfortable summer for you guys. And I can hardly wait to see what your check is and what you get back at the end of the year. 

Rosemary – Oh, we can’t wait either. 

Solar Sandy – We’ll have to go celebrate. On me, not on your check, I’ll take you out to celebrate. Thanks again for having me. And it’s been a pleasure helping you save money on a bill that you were spending too much money on and now you’re not. 

Rosemary – Thank you.